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Established Since 1991
Location 290-40, Geomsan-Ro, Paju-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 10848
Employees 30 employees
Factory Size 3,300㎡

Year Mon Content
1991 APR Founded under the name of JS Sponge Co.
1993 APR Built facilities for Make-up Latex Sponge
1999 DEC Built a new plant in Goyang City
2004 AUG Re-built a plant
2004 SEP Built Production facilities for Make-up NBR Puff
2005 OCT Developed Make-up Sponge generating a negativeion
2006 FEB Developed Latex pillow generating a negativeion
2007 JAN Patented Latex pillow generating a negativeion
2008 JUL Certified ISO 9001
2010 MAY Patented Make-up Sponge Brush(Korea)
2010 JUL Certified ISO 14001
2010 DEC Patent-Applied Make-up Sponge Brush(E.U)
2013 SEP Patented Make-up Sponge Brush(USA)
2014 SEP Patented Make-up Sponge Brush(japan)
2015 APR Moved New building and factory to Paju City